[Keep It Energy Efficient]

A healthy home is a home that is energy efficient. An energy efficient home promotes savings for you and your family each month while reducing the reliance of natural resources through efficient use of water, electricity, and gas.

Energy efficiency projects around your home can vary by time and how much money you have to invest into each project.  Simple projects include changing inefficient incandescent light bulbs with longer lasting LED bulbs that use a fraction of the energy. Add Energy Star ceiling fans and turn up your thermostats in the summer time (remember that ceiling fans only provide a benefit when you are in the room otherwise they are just blowing air and creating more heat from its motor). More expensive projects could include replacing old and out-dated

Efficiency is not limited to just electricity though. Water conservation is a simple and cost effective way to save money and resources in the home. Fix leaks inside (bathrooms, kitchen, toilets, plumbing, etc) and outside (hose bibs, outdoor irrigation systems, etc) to save hundreds if not thousands of gallons of water each year.

Don’t overlook weatherization of your home either. Check for air leaks, sufficient insulation, and proper seals around doors and windows to reduce air loss or air intrusion (depending upon the time of the year).

Not sure where to start? Start with an energy audit of your home from an certified independent energy auditor that can provide you with a comprehensive report about your energy usage and key repairs and upgrades that will provide you with the highest return on your money.