[Keep It Contaminant Free]

A contaminant free home is a healthy home. In home contaminants include asbestos, radon, lead dust, second hand smoke and other airborne pollutants. Reducing contaminants in the home and eliminating common sources for of indoor pollutants will make any home healthier.

Contaminant priorities and their associated health issues:

  • Lead & Lead-Based Paint – learning difficulties, neurological problems
  • Environmental Tobacco Smoke – lung cancer, heart problems, SIDS
  • Radon – lung cancer
  • Asbestos – cancer, mesothelioma
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) – breathing issues, allergic reactions, headaches
  • Formaldehyde – respiratory issues, nasal cancer
  • Carbon monoxide – death, fatigue, headaches

A contaminant free home has better indoor air quality and creates an healthier environment for everyone at home.