[Keep It Clean]

A healthy home is a home that is clean. A clean home is a home that is organized, picked up and taken care of but also one that is cleanable. Cleanable refers to durable surfaces that are easy to clean such as hard surface and durable countertops, for example. Clean refers to controlling dust and indoor contaminants that can affect the indoor air quality, smooth and cleanable surfaces throughout the home, reduced clutter in the home to reduce hiding spots for pests in the home.

Dust in a home comes from outside sources that are tracked inside (such as from shoes and pets), dust mites that live in the home, poor air sealing that allows dirty and unfiltered outside air into the home, lead sources that are not controlled in the home, and resident made sources such as excessive garbage and clutter.   Indoor dust can be reduced by having hard surface walkways that are cleanable, outside grates and mates to reduce outdoor sources, taking shoes off when entering the home, frequent vacuuming equipped with proper dust filtration, and avoiding clutter in the home.

Avoid using cleaning supplies that have Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) that affect the indoor air quality. ¬†Furthermore, you should implement effective indoor pest management (IPM) strategies that limit harsh chemicals in the home while effectively getting rid of pest problems in the home.