[How Healthy Homes Works]

Healthy Homes AZ (HHAZ) is designed to help you find healthier housing options in the Phoenix area through education, assessment, and opportunities during the home buying process.

It is the only home buying program in the Phoenix area that focuses on Comfort, Savings, Safety, and Health as part of the home buying process.

Most homes, despite the age or location of a house, are often wrought with hazards and health factors that will have a direct impact on the health of its occupants.  Why should you settle for any house just because that is all you can afford when you can take control of your options by being more informed and aware of what is out there?

The house you buy can and will have a direct effect on your health, comfort, and short and long term costs incurred from the home.

Healthy Homes AZ is built upon the principles of a healthy home while emphasizing a need for you and your family to be knowledgeable and educated about healthy homes.

Healthy Homes AZ focuses on three major areas of a home that will have both short and long term effects for the home buyer. The three areas of focus are:

  1. Energy Efficiency. Properties will be identified and evaluated on their energy efficiency including the mechanical and electrical systems in the home, air infiltration and leakage, the thermal qualities of the structure and conditions that will affect them (insulation, doors, windows, breaks in the thermal boundary of the home, etc), and other factors that will have an impact on the monthly operating costs within the home. Comfort and savings are greatly impacted by improved energy efficiency.
  2. Indoor Air Quality. Homes will be assessed for likely sources of common indoor air pollutants and the conditions that create poor indoor air quality. Additionally, the home will be tested for adequate ventilation, fresh air sources, and the issues that will affect the quality of the indoor air. Indoor air quality will impact the health and comfort of the home buyers.
  3. Safety. Considered to be the most important evaluation of the home, the safety evaluations include checking for levels of poisonous and harmful gases, the proper function of combustion appliances, and a visual check for common safety issues and hazards in the home.

Healthy Homes can be broken down into a three stage process to purchase a home.

The first phase focuses on educating you about common health issues and hazards and their potential effects on you and your family, assisting you to find grants, rebates, and energy/health focused mortgage rehab programs that you can use to improve your new home, and identifying the features and amenities that you need from a home.

In the second phase, you and I will find and negotiate the purchase of your Healthy Homes eligible property.  More importantly, you will have the home evaluated with a Healthy Homes Assessment energy audit and testing during the home inspection process to determine the outstanding issues with the property and ways to improve the efficiency, air quality and safety of the home. We will identify which, if any, improvements can be wrapped into their home loan and determine the types of rebates they may be eligible to receive after closing.

Upon closing, you will enter into the third phase of the Healthy Homes process by utilizing the funds, grants and rebates that you qualified for to make the necessary improvements to the home.

The total process from start to finish can take as little as 45 to 60 days, depending upon your ability to qualify, purchase, and rehabilitate (if necessary) the home.

There is no additional out-of-pocket costs to you outside of the normal home purchasing costs that may include but are not limited to 1) earnest money deposits, 2) credit fees, 3) appraisal fees, and 4) customary closing fees.

Costs associated with the rehabilitation or improvement of the home may be wrapped into qualifying financing programs upon the purchase of the property.