[Safety Issues in the Home]

Safety issues are too important to overlook in your home.

Your home can harbor hidden and some not-so-hidden dangers throughout the home that threaten you and your family, especially the younger and older members.

Safety issues include anything that is an immediate threat to the well-being of you and your family or the safety of the structure of your home.Potentially any home out there could be wrought with safety issues. Trip hazards, electrical concerns, indoor air pollution, and fire hazards, just to name a few, have been found in typically every home around the Phoenix area…old homes, new homes, renovated homes, and even the well-cared for ones too. Safety issues should be corrected immediately.

Far too often, home buyers solely rely on home inspectors to give them a valued opinion on the condition of the home. While a home inspection is a crucial step during the home buying process, home inspectors will cover the major systems in the home but it is typically a visual inspection and not an in-depth test of the home.

A great example of the limitations of the home inspection is the gas water heater. A home inspector will describe the water heater including its energy source and any visual observances such as visible corrosion, obvious deficiencies, condition of the piping and relief lines, but do not test the system for efficiency, combustion or drafting. Visibly the water heater may be in perfect condition but the buyer may not know if the water heater is backdrafting poisonous gas back into the home.  Exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide can lead to death.

Safety also focuses on making sure that you are a well-informed home owner that prevents common household injuries (such as falls, burns, poisoning, etc) and actions that you can take to ensure a safe home. An educated home owner is a safe home owner.