[Energy Inefficiencies]

Energy inefficiencies lead to less comfort and greater costs in your home.

Buying an energy inefficient homes will cost you more, both in the short term and long term, waste resources such as water, gas and electricity, and reducing the lifespan of appliances and systems throughout your home.

Inefficiencies in your home include water leaks, drafts from windows and doors, poorly maintained equipment in the home, leaky air ducts, and poor insulation throughout the home. Energy inefficiencies can affect virtually any home through a lack of maintenance and care of your home as well as old and outdated mechanical systems in your home.

As your home uses more resources such as water or electricity, for example, the monthly utility bills increase and take away from other uses for the household income such as food, savings, vacations, etc.

Often times, the inefficiencies in your home can be fixed with simple and/or inexpensive solutions such as simple air sealing that costs dollars to fix, adding insulation, or providing natural shading along the sun-exposed side of your house.  More expensive repairs, such as replacing the current ac system to a high efficiency system may cost thousands but the cost savings can quickly recoup the equipment costs over a short period of time.

The only way to truly determine if your home is energy efficient is through a professional home energy audit by a certified building analyst or energy assessor.

Professional energy audits generally go into great detail to assess the home’s energy use including a visual analysis of the home, testing of the home’s air barriers for leaks, testing of major systems in the home for efficiency, and safety testing of combustible equipment.

Audits will often include thermographic scans of the home, assessment of current insulation, and tests of the building envelope for holes and cracks that allow air to infiltrate/escape the home.

Most importantly, energy audits will identify where the home is least efficient and solutions to improve the efficiency and performance of the home.