Healthy Homes is about helping YOU find healthier real estate choices.

We are certified Phoenix Realtors that can help you find and buy healthier homes in the Phoenix area, regardless of your budget, area, or type of home you qualify to buy.  We focus on the 8 principles of a healthy home to identify and test your home, educate you on the health hazards in all types of homes, and assist you in obtaining a mortgage that will allow you to finance the cost to make your home more efficient, less toxic, and healthier so that you can take advantage of the comfort and savings from your new home from day one.

As Realtors, we see people buying homes only to spend thousands of dollars after the move to improve the efficiency of their home. Energy audits are unheard in the Phoenix real estate marketplace. The health impacts of a home don’t even come up in the conversation between real estate agent and client.

Healthy Homes takes the idea of injecting healthy as a buying option into the real estate process by seamlessly introducing the core concepts of educating the home buying, testing and assessing the home, and updating the home into the home buying process. It’s not about hugging a tree or trying to save planet but rather focus on the individual buyer’s needs and showing them a better way to buy a home regardless of the price range or type of home.  We have set up Healthy Homes to help you learn more about what makes a healthy home, identify ways to make your home healthier, and hopefully save you the upfront costs of making your home healthy. We are your advocate to helping you find healthier choices throughout the home buying process from financing to buying and beyond the closing day.